Basketball Game!

One of our favorite outside activities here at Sierra is our basketball games. There are so many beneficial parts of just a game. With the global play day coming up, this is a great event to show how meaningful just playing really can be. The students not only use their bodies and muscles, but they use their minds to calculate shots, have communication with other team members, and how to keep emotions together in intense situations, all which will help each student as they develop and grow in an adult world. Learn more about [...]

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Student of the Month – December

Christian is the student of the month for December. He has been doing an amazing job in all areas! He is considerate to all other students and staff, accountable by being at school every day, always safe on campus and in the classroom, and he enjoys school, which means he is engaged in any project he is given. Great job, Christian! Learn more about our school today.

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Cultural Fair!

On Friday December 17th, we had our annual Cultural Fair. Each classroom represented a country, they spoke about different traditions, foods, and the people. There were even food samples for the students to taste. Learn more about our school today.

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Student of the Month – September

This month we chose a few students to celebrate. Danesha room 6, Michael room 16, Lexington room 4, and Ricardo room 2 Each one of these students has had an amazing start to the new school year. Showing up every day and working hard. They are respectful and try hard every day to their best. Way to go! Learn more about our school today.

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Jacob’s Improvements

Jacob has improved in ignoring peers' negative behaviors. During the last month, the amount of completed work has increased. Jacob has been on a blue level for the majority of the last couple of months (since November). Jacob is Student of the month because he has shown improvement not only academically but also in his behaviors. Jacob has been a good peer/classmate to other students. Jacob continues to show improvement and effort in achieving his goals. Jacob is proud of his accomplishment in ignoring negative behaviors. He is also proud that he has been on a level most of the [...]

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Jorge’s Bright Future

Jorge is a returning student to Sierra Solano. He left us when he was in 6/7th grade and relocated down south. It was such a pleasure to welcome him back in his senior year. He jumped back into the groove and has been a phenomenal student. His attendance, hard work, and dedication with his academic progress, transitional/vocational progress, and positive influence on his peers is the reason he was chosen for student of the month. He completes all of his classroom rotations with ease. Not only does he thrive in his academics he thrives in the transitions/vocational department. [...]

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Student of the Month: Logan

Logan has been with Sierra School since 2014. He has shown great improvement year after year, leading up to recently starting to transition back to public school. We are so Proud of all his hard work. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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