Egg Races

Today we did egg races as one of our spirit weeks activities. All of the classes got to take a turn, then each winner did a championship round! Learn more about our school today.

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Horse Ranch

Every Friday we have a field trip to Spirit Horse Ranch in American Canyon. The students are part of a program where they get to learn the whole process from caring for the horse, to riding the horse, and everything in between. the students are quickly learning the horses prefer a calm environment and are doing a great job making that happen. They look forward to seeing the horse they have been working with each week, and both horse and students are earning trust with each other as the weeks go on. Learn [...]

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Tie-Dye Day

Today was our school wide Tie-dye day. Some of the students made their shirts at school, and some brought in from home. Just about the whole school participated! Learn more about our school today.

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Black History Month Presentations!!

On February 25th Sierra School had our annual Black History Month presentations. Each classroom picks a person they want to represent. They spend the month learning and researching, and then they put it all together and present it to the other rooms. Learn more about our school today.

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Basketball Game!

One of our favorite outside activities here at Sierra is our basketball games. There are so many beneficial parts of just a game. With the global play day coming up, this is a great event to show how meaningful just playing really can be. The students not only use their bodies and muscles, but they use their minds to calculate shots, have communication with other team members, and how to keep emotions together in intense situations, all which will help each student as they develop and grow in an adult world. Learn more about [...]

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Student of the Month – December

Christian is the student of the month for December. He has been doing an amazing job in all areas! He is considerate to all other students and staff, accountable by being at school every day, always safe on campus and in the classroom, and he enjoys school, which means he is engaged in any project he is given. Great job, Christian! Learn more about our school today.

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Cultural Fair!

On Friday December 17th, we had our annual Cultural Fair. Each classroom represented a country, they spoke about different traditions, foods, and the people. There were even food samples for the students to taste. Learn more about our school today.

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Cookie Decorating!

On Thursday, December 9th we did a school wide ugly sweater cookie decorating event. Some students dressed up and really got into the holiday spirit! Learn more about our school today.

Cookie Decorating!2022-01-05T14:51:59-05:00

All About Me and My Vision

Students are working in transition with Ms. Ellia. She has worked with them to create vision boards. Students have identified their interests, goals, and dreams! Now she will help them determine how to reach those goals! Learn more about our school today.

All About Me and My Vision2021-12-29T12:00:37-05:00