Liston Has Shown Great Improvement

Liston has been with Sierra Lower School of Sacramento for nearly 2 years and we are proud to say today (12/17/21) will be his last. Over the past 2 years, Liston has shown great improvements in his social, coping, and overall behavior management skills. Due to Liston's hard work, he will be returning to his home school and back into general education classes. We will miss him, but wish him nothing but future success. Learn more about our school today.

Liston Has Shown Great Improvement2022-01-05T14:38:16-05:00

Season’s Greetings!

As we say goodbye to our students for winter break, we wanted to make sure they did not leave empty handed and received a little holiday treat from us. Learn more about our school today.

Season’s Greetings!2022-01-05T11:55:21-05:00

Game On!

We have opened a game room & students are loving it! Students can earn access to the game room bi-weekly. They earn this by demonstrating Considerate, Accountable, Safe & Engaged Points! Learn more about our school today.

Game On!2021-12-07T15:35:40-05:00

Isabella Is Our Student of the Month

Isabella has been working very hard over the past month. She has drastically decreased her negative behaviors and has been working hard on her lessons. We are very proud of her commitment and look forward to increased success over the upcoming school year. Learn more about our school today.

Isabella Is Our Student of the Month2021-12-07T15:27:58-05:00

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch!

Four of our classrooms went to the pumpkin patch and picked out their own pumpkins, went in a corn maze, and climbed a hay pyramid. They all worked hard to stay together and had a great time! Learn more about our school today.

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch!2021-12-07T15:26:31-05:00

Pancake Breakfast!

Sierra Lower Students & Staff gather together at the beginning of this fall season for pancakes! Mickey Mouse pancakes & sausage for all! Yum! Learn more about our school today.

Pancake Breakfast!2021-10-19T15:27:46-04:00