Sierra School of Alhambra Play Ball!

Sierra School of Alhambra students recently traded their classrooms for a baseball field. A school-wide baseball game brought together students from the BEST, PALS, and ACI programs for the first time. The friendly game included 15 students and multiple staff members. The community building activity provided hours of entertainment, physical activity and lessons in team spirit. “We wanted the students to show good sportsmanship and teamwork, but most of all we wanted the kids to be kids and have fun,” said Stephanie Helguera, director. Learn more about our school today.

Sierra School of Alhambra Play Ball!2023-06-14T10:53:54-04:00

Sierra School of Alhambra empowers students to serve their community

As April comes to its close, so does National Autism Awareness Month for the students and teachers at Sierra School of Alhambra. Here, young people of all learning abilities are encouraged to meet their full potential. And that’s a big mission on a campus that serves students ages 8 through 22, from the Los Angeles Unified School District and other school districts in the San Gabriel Valley. The students at Sierra have learning, behavioral or social/emotional challenges that benefit from a structured setting rather than the open form of a large, mainstream public school. But that doesn’t make the learning any less relevant or [...]

Sierra School of Alhambra empowers students to serve their community2023-05-09T16:33:55-04:00