San Diego Sockers Team Captain, Kraig Chiles, Plays Sierra School of San Diego!

San Diego Sockers legend and current team captain Kraig Chiles joined the Sierra sports program on the field to run an amazing soccer clinic. Students rotated through five station stations to work on a variety of soccer skills. The students were excited to meet a professional soccer player and watch him show case his skills at the conclusion of the clinic against our very own coach, Shane Dillon. Sierra School of San Diego's staff was happy to connect our neurodiverse students with the greater San Diego community and amazing organizations like the Sockers! [...]

San Diego Sockers Team Captain, Kraig Chiles, Plays Sierra School of San Diego!2023-05-16T10:29:51-04:00

Sharing Our Joys During Autism Awareness Month

Some of our Sierra School of San Diego students with Autism shared things they love and love to do as part of Autism Awareness month. Caleb's favorite activity is surfing, look how proud he is! "Today Caleb presented to the class pictures and videos of himself at the Autism Society Surf Camp. Caleb has been attending surf camp for 10 years! He enjoys surfing and thinks it is very fun. This is a picture of Caleb surfing when he was 9 years old."

Sharing Our Joys During Autism Awareness Month2023-05-16T11:47:09-04:00

San Diego Moms: Tips for Teaching Inclusive Play During Autism Awareness Month

A few weeks ago, my son’s classmate taught him how to “play Spiderman.” The conversation began when the classmate told his mother that my son didn’t know how to play the game. In response, the mother told her son she should teach him how to play by showing him what he could do. The classmate went to school the next day and did exactly that during recess. The response? My son came home excited to show me how he played Spiderman. Little does the classmate know my son is on the spectrum, and has difficulty understanding certain social cues. The [...]

San Diego Moms: Tips for Teaching Inclusive Play During Autism Awareness Month2023-04-07T09:35:37-04:00

Sierra Strong – Dynamic Stretching

On Wednesdays, we stretch! Welcome to Sierra strong dynamic stretching and breathing. Slow down your week with balance, flexibility and strength. Dynamic stretching helps our students stay focused and composed. Our midweek Sierra strong is a “breath of fresh air.” Wednesday dynamic stretching teaches our students coping strategies as well as unity and togetherness.

Sierra Strong – Dynamic Stretching2023-02-17T17:31:12-05:00

Sierra Football League 2022/2023

This school year 2022/2023, we started the inaugural "Sierra Football League!" Over 50 students across the campus participated in a Football Skills Assessment and were then broken up into 6 different teams with ages ranging from Elementary all the way up to our ACT program (22yrs). The teams consisted of the Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Cowboys, and Eagles. Each Friday, parents were invited to attend the students' weekly game against one of the other teams. Throughout the season, students learned the rules of the game, worked on drills that focused on gross/fine motor skills, [...]

Sierra Football League 2022/20232023-02-17T17:02:25-05:00

Our Sensory Room

Our sensory room at Sierra features a variety of swings, trampolines, a hammock, 2 large sensory fidget boards, a scooter ramp, and more. Students access the sensory room to engage in regulating activities to get their mind and bodies ready to learn. Many students also utilize this space as their preferred, earned break.

Our Sensory Room2023-02-17T16:56:36-05:00