Jackson brings a smile to his staff and classmates

Jackson has been working on his math assessment for the past couple of weeks which has been a long and challenging task for him. Today, however, he advocated to work in a separate, less distracting space, worked hard for an hour and ended up completing the assessment! He earned a Case Note (10 extra points in our school wide incentive system) and got to visit and feed the bearded dragon in a neighboring classroom named Mushu. We're very proud of Jackson! He's such a positive force in the classroom and consistently puts smiles on the faces of his peers and [...]

Jackson brings a smile to his staff and classmates2023-09-27T16:27:46-04:00

Successful Transition: Derek’s Story

Derek’s father explains in this video how his son was successful in his transition from Sierra School to the work force, due to Sierra School of San Diego’s Transition Skills Program. He says, “The transition from Sierra to his adult programs and activities was as smooth as we could have hoped for.” Derek participated in the Work Experience Program, a transition skills program funded by California’s WorkAbility I Program. Sierra Schools are committed to preparing youth to become responsible adults who participate in their communities and lead fulfilling lives. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their child is set [...]

Successful Transition: Derek’s Story2021-10-06T17:16:27-04:00