Ukraine Tour at Lattice Educational Services

Today Lattice Educational Services hosted 2 educational members from Ukraine in partnership with Sebastopol World Friends. Svitlana Skliar is the Director of the Inclusive Resource Center (special educational needs) of the Cherkasy City Council and Hanna Yefimtseva is the Chief Specialist EdCamp Ukraine, a worldwide teacher training resource. They are part of Open World, a Congressionally sponsored program that brings people from former Soviet and developing nations to the United States to experience open governance and focus study on a variety of topic that have relevance to issues in their own country. Lattice was chosen as a tour site due [...]

Ukraine Tour at Lattice Educational Services2024-02-06T17:50:06-05:00

Lattice partners with local barbershop to support students

Lattice partnered with the Gentleman’s barbershop of Windsor to provide free haircuts for our students. Getting haircuts can be a challenge for our students due to sensory needs and having to stay seated for a longer period of time. The Gentleman’s barbershop met our students where they are and were able to provide haircuts in a way that worked for our students. Some of our students have not been able to get haircuts since the start of the pandemic! Learn more about our school today.

Lattice partners with local barbershop to support students2023-11-29T09:56:54-05:00