Student of the Month: Xavier

What has Xavier done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Xavier has started this school year with an excellent attitude and desire to be successful in the classroom. He brings his contagious smile to school every single day and his attitude has a positive impact on the rest of his classmates! Xavier was chosen by the High Road School of Sussex County Staff as this month's Student of the Month based on his blue level behavior and performance in the classroom. Why did the team select Xavier as Staff of the Month? "Xavier [...]

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Staff of the Month: Dan Jones, Special Education Teacher

What impact has Charlie had on colleagues and students over the past month? Dan has done an exemplary job stepping into his new role as teacher this school year. His passion and desire to educate the students is palpable with the staff. His lessons involve excellent engagement as well as sticking to the High Road model. Why did the team select Dan as Staff of the Month? We chose Dan as staff of the month because he is always the first person to help out in the classroom, he makes himself available to students for breaks, and [...]

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Come and Salsa with US!

On our opening day of training we put our heads together for a great team building activity. Using our "US" motto we challenged the staff to work with new members and each team was to create a salsa, a logo, and a presentation! The salsa's were then taste tested and voted for by peers. It was amazing to watch us continue to grow as a team! Team AREA 51 took 1st place, and team Saucey took 2nd! Thank you to our Director Scott Polleck for bringing this fun and creative idea back from the conference! What a great way [...]

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Our Team Across Delaware

The whole High Road School from across Delaware got together for a fun filled day of training! We now have 3 stand alone schools and 4 in district classrooms in the state of Delaware and are constantly expanding! We are all so excited to begin the year! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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