Tasha’s Hardwork

Tasha has been working so hard at our new IDC in Woodbridge Middle School! The staff has noticed her seamless implementation of our behavior modification system and unique rotation system. She is always working hard to help the students improve both academically and behaviorally! Tasha is a great leader in the classroom and is the first staff to help others! She has a positive and outgoing personality that radiates in the building. "Tasha has been a great addition to the High Road team. She has a passion for education and helping children that have shown great results within the in-district [...]

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Making Great Strides With Dylan

Dylan was chosen to be a student of the month because he has made great strides in his ability to calm down during frustrating times at school. Dylan has worked hard using our calm down space and other coping mechanisms to earn zero directed time outs in January! "Dylan is really working hard at recognizing he is frustrated and taking breaks when needed!"- Miss Brandi "I worked in the calm down room, with fuzzies, and deep breaths to not go to time out all month. I am very proud that I did not go to time out!"- Dylan [...]

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Latitude and Longitude Battleship

Students in Miss Brandi's classroom used their knowledge of longitude and latitude to compete in a classroom-wide game of battleship! Students have been working on longitude and latitude in geography over the past few weeks! The students had a great time! Learn more about our school today.

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U.S. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester visits High Road School

On Tuesday January 21st our students had a very special visitor! United States Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester stopped in to tour the school, experience a typical day as a student at High Road, and she took the time to do some Q&A in our high school classroom. Students were awestruck and excited to have the opportunity to share some of their goals for post-graduation. One student even shared his hopes for becoming President of the United States one day! It was a wonderful experience for students and staff alike! Learn more about our school today. [...]

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First Responders Day

Local First Responder's visited our school and spoke with our students about using 911 to get help and what each first Responder does. The local fire department even brought their fire truck for our students to check out all the bells and whistles! Our students had a great time! Learn more about our school today.

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High Road for the Holidays

This year was our first annual High Road for the Holidays event. Students and staff spent weeks preparing their classrooms and building for the gingerbread houses for competition! Classrooms competed in a holiday movie themed classroom decorating contest. The middle school room chose Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, high school chose Polar Express, Mr. Scott and Mrs. Alisha chose ELF, and Mrs. Alaina and Mr. Charlie chose The Grinch. It was a busy time at High Road! Each classroom worked together to create their classroom decorations. Along with our classroom contest students were broken up into teams with a staff [...]

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What Jeremiah Is Most Proud Of

Jeremiah joined High Road School at the beginning of the year. Since he has joined us Jeremiah has maintained Blue or Green! He is a hard worker and this month he has been seen helping other students in his class make good choices and with their academics! "Jeremiah comes to school each day with a smile on his face and ready to learn. This month especially Jeremiah has been helping around the classroom and even with his classmates!"- Miss Alaina Jeremiah says he is most proud that he earned blue level and was able to go on the [...]

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Blue level Xbos trip

Our students worked very hard for the last two weeks of November! Any student who earned blue level went on a bowling trip to Xbos in Smyrna! Students bowled, had pizza and played games! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Getting on the Right Track with Brandi

Brandi has stepped into the teacher in training role and has taken off! She has implemented new systems and really has the classroom on the right track. Other staff members voted Brandi as Staff of the Month because she is always the first to help in the classrooms, take kids on breaks, and is a vital member of our team. "Brandi has really shown her passion for education and her heart for our students. She has stepped into a role that is new for her and really taken pride in it!" - Scott Polleck [...]

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Akiva’s Goal of Transitioning Back to School

Akiva has worked very hard in October to achieve all Blue level days! He has been working to transition back to his home school! He is very proud of his level which is now 42 days on blue level. He is also proud that he achieved his goal to transition back to his home school. "Akiva is a hard worker, gives insightful comments in group discussion, and has been working hard on his personal goal each day in class!"- Miss Sarah Visit our website to learn more about High Road School [...]

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