SEL with Ms. Marshall

Ms. Marshall’s class participated in a social-emotional learning (SEL) activity as part of their weekly group therapy. The class did an amazing job identifying the parts of a healthy relationship. Every student contributed by sharing out their ideas with the class! A student in the class, Jamani, said of the activity “it’s important to know good relationships so you can grow.” Well said, Jamani! Learn more about High Road School today!

SEL with Ms. Marshall2021-02-11T15:47:06-05:00

Growing A Garden

Students in Ms. Marshall's class worked with Transition Coordinator, Mr. Caliri, to start the High Road School of Massachusett's garden. Learn more about High Road School today!

Growing A Garden2021-05-20T13:04:56-04:00

Playing Basketball In Gym Class

Students at High Road School of Massachusetts participated in a basketball game with staff member, Mr. Wilkie, on Thursday. Some of our older students showed our middle school students how to play the game. Learn more about High Road School today!

Playing Basketball In Gym Class2021-05-20T13:09:06-04:00

Mr. W’s Last Day

Mr. W’s Last Day: Friday, March 5, 2021 was Mr. Wilkie’s last day at High Road School of Massachusetts. As part of his goodbye party, our student Jamani matched outfits for the day! Jamani chose to match outfits with Mr. W. because “he’s been a positive influence” on Jamani since he began as a student at High Road School of Massachusetts in January 2021. Staff will miss Mr. W.’s sense of humor, motivation to help our students and their families, and his high energy. As a TA in Ms. Costa’s classroom, Mr. W. made [...]

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Ms. Costa’s Science Experiment

Last week, students in Ms. Costa’s 11-12 grade class participated in a science experiment about tooth enamel. Students put an egg in various liquids (milk, Coke, vinegar, and Sunny Delight). After 7 days, the students removed the eggs to see what effect the liquids had on their shells, much like the effects they would have on human teeth. Most interesting was the vinegar egg. The vinegar stripped off the shell and the remainder of the egg bounced! Learn more about High Road School today!

Ms. Costa’s Science Experiment2021-04-28T20:41:51-04:00

Adrianna: Dedicated and Compassionate

High Road School of Massachusetts staff chose Adrianna as our February staff of the month! Adrianna was nominated for coming back to High Road ready to take on her new role as TA with dedication and compassion. Staff noted Adrianna has demonstrated a willingness to learn and a passion for education and have spoken about her strong ability to build positive relationships with students while consistently delivering the behavioral model. I think I can confidently speak for everyone when I say we're glad to have you back, Adrianna! Learn more about High Road School [...]

Adrianna: Dedicated and Compassionate2021-04-15T21:05:30-04:00

Student of the Month: Jamani

Jamani was nominated for stopping his elopement behavior, making progress building positive peer relationships, and contributing to a positive school climate! Staff noted that Jamani has an engaging sense of humor, is always happy to share a conversation, and has positively adjusted to High Road School of Massachusetts. Jamani never misses a day of school and has made progress building relationships with non-preferred staff. Our school has much more laughter and many smiles with Jamani as part of our student body!

Student of the Month: Jamani2021-04-15T20:57:53-04:00

Mr. Wilkie Creates an Engaging Environment

Mr. Wilkie creates a fun educational environment for our students with his sense of humor and energy. When visiting our school, you can find Mr. Wilkie skipping up the stairs, laughing with students, and helping out everywhere he can. Recently, Mr. Wilkie went above and beyond for our students when he became both TA and teacher for his students while the classroom teacher was on leave. He worked hard to engage his students in hands-on activities and provide a space that was both safe and educationally stimulating. Thank you, Mr. Wilkie! Learn more about [...]

Mr. Wilkie Creates an Engaging Environment2021-02-19T18:54:06-05:00

Mr. Maxi: Intrinsically Kind

High Road School of Massachusetts staff chose Mr. Maxi as our December staff of the month! Mr. Maxi always has a kind word for others and is attentive to the needs of all students and staff. Several staff commented that Mr. Maxi is always present and on time for work with a smile on his face, ready for each day. Recently, Mr. Maxi has helped our school by covering classes, encouraging virtual students to engage, and making sure Ms. Dowd always has her tea! We couldn’t be prouder to have Mr. Maxi on our team. Thank you, [...]

Mr. Maxi: Intrinsically Kind2021-01-06T15:40:09-05:00