SEL with Ms. Marshall

Ms. Marshall’s class participated in a social-emotional learning (SEL) activity as part of their weekly group therapy. The class did an amazing job identifying the parts of a healthy relationship. Every student contributed by sharing out their ideas with the class! A student in the class, Jamani, said of the activity “it’s important to know good relationships so you can grow.” Well said, Jamani! Learn more about High Road School today!

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Student of the Month: Jamani

Jamani was nominated for stopping his elopement behavior, making progress building positive peer relationships, and contributing to a positive school climate! Staff noted that Jamani has an engaging sense of humor, is always happy to share a conversation, and has positively adjusted to High Road School of Massachusetts. Jamani never misses a day of school and has made progress building relationships with non-preferred staff. Our school has much more laughter and many smiles with Jamani as part of our student body!

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Tynan: a Respectful and Good Mentor

In December, High Road School of Massachusetts staff chose Tynan as our student of the month! Tynan took on a mentor role with a student from another class, welcoming him to High Road and spending his lunches getting to know our new student. Every morning, Tynan comes to school full of positivity and a compliment for each person he greets. His teacher, Ms. Strong, nominated him for Student of the Month because he is respectful, has big hopes and dreams, and the hard working attitude to succeed in all his endeavors. Learn more about [...]

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Return to school helps East Bridgewater students with disabilities succeed after remote learning

After months of remote learning due to the coronavirus pandemic, the High Road School of Massachusetts wanted to ensure a return to full in-person classes to best serve its students with disabilities especially struggling with attending school virtually. Unlike other schools around the area that have taken on a hybrid mix of in-person instruction and virtual learning upon return to school for the 2020-2021 school year, or chosen to remain fully remote, the High Road School of Massachusetts reopened Sept. 2 with a full in-person model. The return to the classroom was necessary, Education Director Jill Hunt said, due to [...]

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Colin’s Ability To Stay Focused

Colin was selected due to the significant amount of progress that he has made this month. Colin made it all the way to Blue level and maintained it for a week. Colin has also met most of his graduation requirements. He is an extremely pleasant student and a hard worker. He always takes his time to think before acting. Colin completes all of his work and does his journal every morning. Colin is also great at staying focused and completing his tasks. Colin is proud of reaching Blue level for the first time this year. He's also proud [...]

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Student of the Month: Scott

Scott was chosen for student of the month because Scott follows all directions and has not had any prompts in the past two weeks. Scott does all of his schoolwork, is polite to all students and staff, and he is a role model for other students in our school. Kathryn Dowd, School Social Worker, says "Scott greets all students and staff in the morning and throughout the day with a smile on his face. He goes out of his way to ask how others are doing.” Scott was the first student to finish his I-Ready assessment out of all [...]

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