Author and Adversity Speaker Michael Panus Zooms With Students

On Wednesday, June 3 professional adversity speaker and published author of Live with Honor, Turning Tragedy into Triumph, Michael Panus joined students from High Road Schools of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island via Zoom. The retired marine inspired High Road students by speaking about the tragedies in his life most notably, spending nearly four years in jail for causing the death of a good friend while drinking and driving as senior at Eastern Connecticut State University, and the power of positive thinking. Offering motivation, he encouraged students to be accountable for their actions, and to do the right thing. Panus [...]

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Lauren Goes Above And Beyond

Lauren is very dedicated to the success of our program. She encourages all staff and students to be the best they can be. We appreciate her very much! She goes above and beyond to make sure that all staff and students are safe and set up for success. Their determination and care for everyone and everything they do is admirable and contagious throughout the building. She is always there to listen, help and solve any issues. Lauren has been an integral member of the team. She supports both staff and students in all situations. She is never afraid to lend [...]

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Hands on science is the best!

Who doesn’t love some science experiments?? In Ms. L’s class they are making edible slime with starbursts, and also digging for gemstones. You never know what kind of surprise you will get, but the students enjoyed using some of their strength to break apart rocks and find the beautiful Geodes waiting inside. As always safety comes first! Learn more about our school today.

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Thanksgiving Feast

Boy did we have a ton of food and a lot of family and friends to celebrate and be thankful for! Our Thanksgiving feast was a huge success and something all of our students looked forward to. Everyone was willing to lend a helping hand in getting our school decorated and set up for our families. Our students created center pieces, art work to decorate the halls, made place mats and came up with multiple things they were all thankful for this year. Everyone was stuffed turkeys leaving for the day! Learn more [...]

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Big Winners

A couple of lucky students and staff were able to have some fun and experience the Casino for a day. All the boys enjoyed the action at the arcade and also devoured some awesome pizza from Pepe’s. Everyone left a lucky winner with some souvenirs and prizes won for their mad skills at arcade games. Learn more about our school today.

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Halloween Time

“Trick or Treat, give me something good to eat”- The student’s at NL Primary had much excitement on our recent Halloween event. Some chose to dress up as ninjas, mine craft characters, witches and more, while others just enjoyed all the tasty treats we had to offer. Their afternoon consisted of traveling from stop to stop to answer a quick trivia fact before receiving a tasty snack, and decorating the delicious caramel apples for the icing on the cake. All and all I can say that both staff and students enjoyed this spooky event. [...]

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Fall Fun!

Thankfully our students didn’t get lost forever in the corn maze at Scott’s Orchard. They had a great time using those detective skills to find their way home though. They also were nice enough to think of everyone back at school and brought us some delicious apple cider donuts! Thanks guys! Learn more about our school today.

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Pumpkin Painting

Why not get into the fall spirit with some pumpkin painting for art class! Instead of carving pumpkins the kids took to their creative sides and made beautiful masterpieces to display at home or on their desk for the upcoming Halloween festivities. Learn more about our school today.

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Dino Land!

Exciting news…we met some DINOSAURS! The first fun Friday field trip this year a few of our blue students got to go back in time and experience some life size dinosaurs at Nature’s Art Dinosaur Place. What a sight to see, they went hunting for dinosaurs all through the hiking trails and almost got lost in a MAZEasaurus, but were able to escape and left no one behind. They were most excited to climb atop the T-Rex tower so they could scope out the next adventure that awaited them! Learn more about our school today. [...]

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New and Exciting VTO Spaces!

Over the summer we moved some things around and made some adjustments which created three new (voluntary time-out) VTO rooms. We have the galaxy room which kids use as a “chill zone” and a place to lay down or relax in a bean bag chair, it also offers body socks which some kids use as “cocoons” to help calm their bodies down. We have the movement room which is a place to get out all your energy out and “workout.” We have a trampoline, yoga balls, mini workouts, weights and jump ropes. Some kids just have endless energy they don’t [...]

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