No Challenge Stops Ethan

Ethan has had a terrific first half of his ninth-grade year here at CSD. The team decided he earned the spotlight this month. Between navigating his way around the building to taking on the workload of being in high school, no challenge has seemed to put a stop to his drive. I asked Ethan “what he was proud of most after his first two semesters of high school?” He simply stated “everything”. Ethan has been on time everyday most of the second semester and has risen to the ranks of being on the blue level in the classroom. Completing all [...]

No Challenge Stops Ethan2022-01-18T00:34:53-05:00

Student of the Month: Gabriel

What has Gabriel done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Gabe recently came into the High Road classroom as an 8th grader. Gabe has meet and exceed all goals set for him this year. Gabe enjoys social studies and gaming. Gabe is working on transitioning out to general education classes very soon. Gabe is very helpful and kind student in the classroom. Gabe interacts with all of his peers and often provides encouraging feedback to others such as "its ok - you can do this" What is something Gabriel has accomplished so far [...]

Student of the Month: Gabriel2022-01-18T00:31:44-05:00