Helping Brian Be The Best He Can Be

Last year, Brian struggled with following directions and being respectful to staff. He often needed frequent breaks away from class because he failed to participate or stay on task. He instigated arguments with other students and often initiated negative behaviors among peers and staff. It was very hard for him to open up and trust his teachers, but Brian had a goal. Brian wanted to achieve gold level at school and to do so required a complete change to his behaviors and full staff support. From the first day of the 2019-2020 school year, at [...]

Helping Brian Be The Best He Can Be2022-01-18T00:34:28-05:00

Making Progress With Joshua

Joshua is a senior in our Upper Best Classroom. Josh has made great progress over the last month. He now raises hand and asks to go to the restroom, before Josh would have ran out of the room without asking. He has also made progress reducing maladaptive behaviors. As one of our older Upper B.E.S.T student is working hard to accomplish all of his academic and behavior goals. Joshua has made significant progress on his academic and behavior goals. The classroom behaviors for the past month have almost become extinct. Joshua has learned to ask before running out [...]

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Student of the Month: Alan

What has Alan accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Alan has been a great role model to his peers within our classroom. He is very helpful to his peers and to the staff. Alan enjoys interacting/joking with his friends at school. He often talks about and plays sports such as football and basketball. Alan is very creative; he shows his creativity within his artwork. Alan is very kind to his friends and will always help out when asked. What is something Alan has accomplished so far this school year that they are [...]

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