Joshua is a senior in our Upper Best Classroom. Josh has made great progress over the last month. He now raises hand and asks to go to the restroom, before Josh would have ran out of the room without asking. He has also made progress reducing maladaptive behaviors. As one of our older Upper B.E.S.T student is working hard to accomplish all of his academic and behavior goals.

Joshua has made significant progress on his academic and behavior goals. The classroom behaviors for the past month have almost become extinct. Joshua has learned to ask before running out of the room. Joshua also has been working on staying in his seat during instruction rather than laying on the floor. He has continued to stay on task and focus on his work. He has learned to acknowledge staff when spoken to and has become more engaged in active communication with staff.

“Joshua has learned how to ask to leave the room and has been doing a great job staying seated during instruction. He also has made progress on appropriate social behavior.” — Mrs. Roby, Upper Best Teacher.

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