Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Students at Sierra Schools of California celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) with a classroom decoration contest. The friendly competition took place at the school level, with winning classrooms competing region-wide for the top honor. Teachers used the contest to help students learn about and honor the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Students in each participating classroom decorated a large bulletin board or wall space paying homage to the Hispanic Heritage Month theme. Each decorated area had to include relevant and interesting [...]

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Basketball Game!

One of our favorite outside activities here at Sierra is our basketball games. There are so many beneficial parts of just a game. With the global play day coming up, this is a great event to show how meaningful just playing really can be. The students not only use their bodies and muscles, but they use their minds to calculate shots, have communication with other team members, and how to keep emotions together in intense situations, all which will help each student as they develop and grow in an adult world. Learn more about [...]

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Valentine’s Day

Love and Friendship was in the air on Friday, Feb 14h at Springall Academy. All students gathered outside to play games, listen to music, hang out with friends, do crafts and participate in some fun activities. Students were seen playing the musical cup cake walk and basketball as well as guessing how many candies in the cup and the ever so creative donut on a string game. Students socialized with each other and laughter was heard all around. Learn more [...]

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Self Care Day

Every Friday at lunchtime, Sierra School at Barrett students sign up for a Fun Friday activity brainstormed by Sierra School at Barrett Staff. Ms.Jess, an elementary school teacher at Barrett, told me she wanted to provide a space for self-care activities this time around, in part because she knew some of our girls would love it. Self-care can mean many things: stillness, great snacks, good conversation. This week’s self care came in the form of facials, nails, and fun make up. Teachers Ms.Gray, Ms.Elmer, and Mr.Gilpin attended alongside students and enjoyed a chance for relaxation at the end of [...]

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2020 Updates

As our students are getting more comfortable on their new campus and in their new classroom so we are quickly integrating. We began by scheduling weekly library time with the classroom next door. The students are excited to start weekly reading buddies between Ms. Simran and Ms. Samantha’s class. We have also integrated the service dogs to visit both classrooms on Thursdays, this gives our students extra incentives to work hard throughout the week. It is impressive to see how well our students and classrooms are interacting and we can’t wait to generalize that to the rest of Lawrence Elementary. [...]

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New Classroom at Lawrence Elementary

We are so extremely proud and excited to announce that we have opened a new classroom at Lawrence Elementary. Our open house last Thursday was a total success as we got the opportunity to meet our new students and their awesome families. It was great to show them all the hard work our staff has been putting in with decorating the room, gathering curriculum, and personalizing each student’s cubby. We were so thankful to be joined by both the principle from Lawrence and Smith Elementary. Their support through this transition has been incomparable and it has made the transition for [...]

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