Adam’s Smile Lights Up A Room

Adam had many sensory challenges when he joined BEST Academy. Over time, he has accessed coping mechanisms to assist with visual and auditory stimulation. His favorite activities are washing dishes, finding the water soothing, and taking walks. For his comfort, we have purchased He has taken these skills and been able to transition to a new classroom recently, readily accepting new peers, new sounds and sights. Adam has taught us a great deal. He let us into his unique world and allowed us to share our world with him. He has a smile that will light up a room! This [...]

Adam’s Smile Lights Up A Room2022-01-18T00:34:55-05:00

Andrew’s Successful Improvement

Andrew was chosen as student of the month for November in yellow room. He entered transition at the beginning of this school year and moved with us in the month of October. He has handled these many changes so well. This month he has attended gym with our class and for the past two weeks, he has worked at 99 Restaurant. He washes the tables and is even beginning to set up the silverware. He demonstrates a willingness to work hard there. Andrew has demonstrated such an improvement in his patience and understanding when those around him say [...]

Andrew’s Successful Improvement2022-01-18T00:28:48-05:00

Noah Shares What He’s Thankful For

Noah was selected for student of the month because he is helpful, flexible, and kind to others. He is always willing to help others both students and staff. He is involved with class activities like morning meetings, music, and related services with peers. He is flexible about conflicts that happen throughout the day. For example, if another student needs a TO room and he is having a break in there he will give it up without a problem for the other student. Every Thursday the class does yoga with the PT teacher. At the end they go around and share [...]

Noah Shares What He’s Thankful For2022-01-18T00:28:56-05:00

Yaziel’s Activities

Yaziel Ramos was selected as B.E.S.T. Academy’s October Student of the Month. Yaziel has been very involved in many activities in the school. He enjoys working with our PT in the motor-sensory room and has been increasing his ability to socialize and extend his physical activities. Yaziel has "risen to the occasion" when presented with tasks, accordingly to Amy Farmer, Education Director. Yaziel has been able to complete tasks around campus such as delivering items and working with our snack cart! Learn more about BEST Academy today!

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Student of the Month: Jay

It has been such an honor to be part of Jay’s education. To watch him grow to the point where he can focus on tasks and start to truly explore his academics has been a great joy. What has Jay done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Jay has adjusted very well to school after the summer break. He comes to school every day with a big smile on his face. He has a natural calm, laid back presence that is contagious and helps all around him relax and enjoy [...]

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