Andrew was chosen as student of the month for November in yellow room. He entered transition at the beginning of this school year and moved with us in the month of October. He has handled these many changes so well. This month he has attended gym with our class and for the past two weeks, he has worked at 99 Restaurant. He washes the tables and is even beginning to set up the silverware. He demonstrates a willingness to work hard there. Andrew has demonstrated such an improvement in his patience and understanding when those around him say words that are difficult for him to hear. He has shown an increase in his maturity and self-regulation skills.

Ms. Giannotti said she likes working with him in the production room to make dog or cat biscuits, as well as to package note cards because he is always smiling and laughing. In the past year he has begun to participate in community activities, such as gym and class trips, and has now begun to explore the world of employment.

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