Getting Creative

Apex students are big fans of Art class. Doing craft based activities where they get to be as simple or elaborate on projects as they want to express their individuality. Recent projects include: lip balm making, melted crayon art, clay are, sewing, button bowls and much more! Learn more about our school today.

Getting Creative2022-07-18T12:32:09-04:00

Team Work

Apex students enjoyed a change of pace for their weekly group session with Social Worker Ms. Amber. They worked collaboratively to guide each other blindfolded through a obstacle course. Working on social skills, trust, communicating effectively and having lots of fun! Learn more about our school today.

Team Work2022-07-18T12:39:37-04:00

Apex Family Pizza Night

Apex family pizza night at Fargo's! Students and their families joined Apex staff for a pizza night out at Fargo's. Many laughs, good conversations and arcade game competitions were had. Learn more about our school today.

Apex Family Pizza Night2022-07-18T12:44:26-04:00