Shamiyaa’s Dedication

During the 2020-2021 school year, Shamiyaa has blossomed into a successful member of the Anthony Wayne Academy student body. She has diligently and humbly earned superior grades, treated both staff and fellow students with respect and compassion and demonstrated leadership skills during a school beautification project. Although quiet, she has proven to be impactful. We are so proud of the progress she has made and cannot wait to see what she will achieve for the remainder of the year. - Ms. Krzemien Learn more about our school today.

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Ms. El-Bullock’s Dedication

Ms. El-Bullock's consistency as a staff member is shown through all aspects of her involvement at Anthony Wayne Academy. She is dedicated to bettering the individual student and school's success. She accomplishes this through a high level of engagement and rigor in her classroom. "Ms. El-Bulluck is the heart and soul of the middle school team. Every day she challenges her students to achieve goals that they never thought were achievable. Ms. El-Bullock is a firm believer in her students "getting this work," as well as helping them solve personal problems maturely. She is a role model for staff and [...]

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Nasir’s Impact On Our School

Nasir has shown incredible growth in leadership. He has positively influenced and supported his peers. This has had a major impact on the Middle School and Nasir's success! "Nasir Rucker changed in many ways for the better. He started to get good grades, ran lines during transitions and took ownership for not only himself but his peers. Nasir became very respectful to all his teachers and was able to remove himself from the negativity. I’m very happy on his improvements and how he’s growing as an individual." — Ms. Exil "Nasir Rucker is a very respectful young man who enjoys [...]

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Staff of the Month: Mr. Cook

What impact has Mr. Cook had on colleagues and students over the past month? Mr. Cook has been a positive influence with both staff and students. Leading by example, always present and willing to support those around him. He does thing the right way and works with our students for the right reasons. He believes in being the best team member he can be. “Mr. Cook exemplifies great qualities as a staff member. Willing, able, personable, receptive to growth, and a great person!” — Glenn Walrath, Program Director Visit our website to learn [...]

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Student of the Month: T’Auri

What has T'Auri accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? T'Auri has become a strong leader and independent success at Anthony Wayne Academy.  She has participated in the school’s student government while up holding her high academic status. T'Auri has support her peers in mediation and mentoring to help them stay on a successful track. T’Auri Matthews has shown tremendous growth and maturity during her time at Anthony Wayne Academy. She helped teachers, redirected the negative behavior of students, and led tours where she explained Anthony Wayne Academy’s behavioral model to interested visitors. [...]

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