High Road School students practiced their running and throwing in preparation for this weekend’s Special Olympics track meet at Prospect High School.

Under the direction of the school’s Special Olympics Head Coach and Physical Education teacher Pat Hurst, the athletes ran a series of sprints, then practiced throwing a softball in a shot-put style motion at Maple Trail Park near the school. One athlete, Peter Fleming, who would have the honor of carrying the torch at the Special Olympics event, also practiced throwing a plastic javelin in preparation for that event.

“For us to partner with the Special Olympics is a great point of pride for our school, and the children and their parents,” said Theresa Smith, regional vice president of SESI, which runs the High Road School.

High Road School started out as a residential treatment center in Palatine 40 years ago, later moved to Des Plaines, and became a therapeutic day school in Mount Prospect in 2012.