Casey, Teacher, High Road School of Wright City

High Road School of Wright City would like to acknowledge Casey Hutchison for his notable contributions to our school. Casey came to High Road ready to learn and do. He humbly welcomed any experience available to him, quickly establishing himself as a flexible and enthusiastic member of our school community. Casey’s quest to learn and his openness to feedback have also enabled him to make incredible professional growth in just under a year. Casey recently began the process of transitioning to leading an academic elementary room while he completes an alternative pathway to teacher certification. Casey has excelled in pairing with his students, using CASE practices to build an effective behavioral framework, and is beginning to master the ACI components of his new role. These competencies aside, Casey’s warm personality brings levity to our school on even the heaviest of days.

We are proud to have Casey as a member of the High Road School of Wright City community, and we look forward to seeing the continued impact he will undoubtedly make in the lives of our students. Thank you, Casey, for all that you do!

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