ELKTON, Md. — The guest of honor at an alternative school in Elkton is greeted by the staff like a long lost friend.

“My name is Rakeem Miles. I work through the music and the fashion, also TV as well. We have a TV show coming out next year.”

The credits, appearances and endorsements just keep coming for Rakeem Miles—-a multi-talented artist who established his own brand after graduating from the High Road School of Cecil County.

“So I was getting into trouble all the time. It was really hard for me, because I had a lot of behavior issues,” Miles recalled, “Any time that I had a teacher tell me what to do, I was super defiant, and I feel that alternative schools helped me get through that.”

With a dose of Miles’ own rap music in the background, it was the grad made good’s turn to play Santa for students on this day.

Students just like the artist who may be dealing with a myriad of disabilities or impairments, but i bet Saint Nick wouldn’t autograph their new Reeboks, while he also delivered words of hope.

Miles’ message to students here is that they can expect rejection along the path to success in their careers, but never to let it get them down, and 15-year-old Austin Swoffer came away from this chance visit inspired.

“He inspired me to do what I like,” said Swoffer.

“And did you always believe that you could reach those goals or do you believe it a little more now?” we asked.

“I believe it a little more now,” he replied.