Last month, faculty and staff the Northwest Center for Autism at High Road School went all out in honoring and celebrating the unique talents, perspectives and strengths of their students during World Autism Month.

“We believe in empowering each student to reach their full potential in and outside of the classroom,” said Jessica Robbins, a special education teacher at the school. “April’s special events were designed to create a space where their talents and passions could shine. World Autism Month at the Northwest Center for Autism was an unforgettable experience.”

Throughout April, the school, which provides academic and therapeutic services for children, teens and young adults, buzzed with various special events and activities designed to empower learners and raise awareness about autism. One of the highlights was the art exhibit, which showcased the incredible creativity and talent of students. Another outlet for young artists was the opportunity to design coloring sheets for their classmates.

Penny wars brought a friendly competition to the school, as students engaged in a coin-collecting contest between classrooms.

The Spirit Week was filled with fun, laughter and lots of school pride. One of the most memorable days was Pokémon Day, where members of the school community dressed up as their favorite characters from the popular franchise. This day provided an opportunity for students to express their interests and bond over shared hobbies.

Throughout the month, students were encouraged to share their specific passions with their classmates. This exercise allowed learners to develop a deeper understanding of their peers and gave them the opportunity to showcase their unique interests and skills.

To close out the month, the entire school community came together for an Infinity Rainbow Walk. Students and staff proudly donned vibrant colors, symbolizing the diversity and uniqueness of the autism spectrum.