During December, students at High Road School of Wright City focused on being considerate and inclusive. School staff decided one way to promote inclusivity within the community, as well as considerate behavior, was to organize a holiday card drive for residents of Warrenton Manor, a local nursing home. Students enjoyed stretching their creative abilities to craft individualized holiday cards with cheerful greetings and words of encouragement. The project was such a success that the students decided to extend their efforts to create holiday cards for the local police department two days later!

“I know that residents of nursing homes can feel forgotten and lose out on attention and time with family over the holidays. I hoped that my card would help the residents to see a blessing and that I have kindness in my heart for them.” – Annika, 12th grade

“It is important to me that people feel remembered and feel some cheer during the holidays.” –Dylan, 7th grade

“I hope that the people who see my card feel joy and know that I did it because I want them to feel loved. Sometimes people don’t have anywhere to go for the holidays. My grandma just passed away and I know how important it was to her to be remembered, no matter where she was. Holidays are a time where families get together and this is my way to be with them, through my wish and my card.” – Mason, 11th grade

I made a hot chocolate card to bring warmth and happiness. I know that some don’t have families and I want to fill in for them. I hope our cards bring happiness and joy!” – Noah, 6th grade

“My dad’s grandma was in a nursing home. It was important for her to be remembered during Christmas and I want everyone to feel remembered, especially for people who might not have anyone. I like for people to feel happy and I think our cards will do that.” – Savannah, 7th grade