LIMA, OH (WLIO) – A new building is going to change more than just where students come to learn.

High Road School of Lima welcomed the public to their new location at 71 Town Square in downtown Lima. They provide structured education to students with a variety of learning needs, such as autism, emotional disorders, and more. Previously, the school was divided into three separate school buildings, but this new space brings all of their students and staff under one roof. The new school has bigger classrooms, specialized rooms to support the needs of students, and opens the door for learning outside of a traditional classroom setting.

“We’ve got our classrooms, we have motor lab, which is a favorite of our students where they get to jump around, we’ve got crash pads, ball pits, all the sensory kind of equipment you could think of. That’s always a favorite and like I said it’s been a really nice space so far,” commented Anna Boggs, regional director of High Road Schools of Ohio.

“We’re looking to get out and about, just trying to see where our students fit in, maybe even some job shadowing stuff, some things, just to get some experience outside of the classroom, more life skill based learning,” said Ethan Percer, director of operations of High Road Schools of Ohio.

High Road School of Lima is a charter school that accepts students from kindergarten through 12th grade, ages five to twenty-two.