Aatiqah Ali, a teacher at Excel Middle Years Academy, was recently named a divisional winner in Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI) Teacher of the Year Program.

“My personal philosophy of learning and education is that every student brings something to the table – their own genius and uniqueness,” Ali said in a statement. “My job as an educator is to identify them and help students’ growth.”

Teacher of the Year honors outstanding, innovative educators who lead by example with an unmatched level of dedication to supporting all students.

The annual recognition program celebrates teachers who exemplify high-quality, evidence-based instruction at SESI while recognizing the importance of equitable education for all SESI students.

Excel Middle Years Academy offers an accelerated middle grade school for students looking for a smaller, more personal setting, intensely focused on elevating social skills, emotional wellness, and academic success. Read The Philadelphia Tribune article here.