The 2022 High Road School of Harford County Football Program was started by Mr. Jeremy, Mr., Jordan, Mr. Exavier, and Mr. Cleon. This program gives students who may be struggling to reach a goal by helping them to focus on what is attainable.  Students who were once unfocused have now become accountable for themselves so they can earn a spot on the football team.  The team atmosphere of the football program has flooded into the hallways of our school, and it has created a community feeling between all staff and students. Students on the football team continue to apply themselves and give their very best, every day, on and off the field. All of the coaches work hard to make sure that above all else, the young men and woman in their program learn about ​relationship-building, teamwork and sportsmanship. Mr. Jeremy, the head coach of the team, was quoted as saying, “This program gives students a means of having fun, learning to be a good team player, and understanding the fundamentals of football”. The hard work that has been displayed by the staff and students was rewarded when the High Road School of Harford County won the play-off game on February 4th against the High Road School of Cecil County.

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