SESI Behavior Expert Featured in K-12 Dive; Discusses Remote Learning

A major shift in learning occurred in 2020, when educators had to rethink the Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) of students with special needs. K-12 Dive, a publication that gives insight into impactful news and trends shaping K-12 education, featured SESI's Diane Myers, SVP of Behavior in an article highlighting the struggles - and silver linings - of digital special education. "Early in the pandemic, many schools tried to move what they were doing in-person to a remote format and had this been just a short-term solution, it would have worked," said Myers. She added, "the pandemic dragged on and educators [...]

SESI Behavior Expert Featured in K-12 Dive; Discusses Remote Learning2021-06-30T09:57:59-04:00

Congratulations Jayden!

High Road School of York senior, Jayden, walked the stage at his home district Central York School District. The Norseman family is very proud of his accomplishment. He is an inspiration to the rest of the student body at High Road School of York. Learn more about our school today.

Congratulations Jayden!2021-06-03T14:43:44-04:00

Loving Manipulatives And Flexible Seating

Learn more about our school today. As the school year is winding down, we have loved using manipulatives and our flexible seating at Sandy Hill Elementary. The bugs are a must have for math time manipulatives and the new flexible seating chair is a big hit. Students love how versatile it is. You can sit on it or lay on the floor with it at D.E.A.R which is pretty cool.

Loving Manipulatives And Flexible Seating2021-06-03T14:19:03-04:00

Hapeville PEAK Mural Shows Our Potential

Our Hapeville PEAK team created a new mural! It can best be described as the following: Not even concrete can stop a rose from growing and reaching its full potential. Therefore, we will not highlight its short comings or damaged pedals - we will, instead, celebrate its tenacity. We view each student as this rose. Our mural was inspired by Tupac when he said, "We wouldn't ask why a rose that grew from the concrete for having damaged petals, in turn, we would all celebrate its tenacity, we would all love its will to reach the sun..." [...]

Hapeville PEAK Mural Shows Our Potential2021-06-03T14:00:04-04:00

Union PEAK’s New “Four Agreements” Mural

At the Union City campus, we chose the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz as our new mural. We decided on these statements due to the nature of the accountability they speak. Everything humans face in life starts within. The words, the action, the thoughts, and the emotions are all controlled by shifting focus in the moment for the greater good of humanity. We want our students and staff to be reminded that we must be the positive light we want to see in the world. Learn more about our school today.

Union PEAK’s New “Four Agreements” Mural2021-06-03T12:00:48-04:00