Several of our students at The High Road School of Cecil County participated in the Young Author’s Competition, submitting writing pieces about what Black History Month means to them. Below are the pieces from our finalists!

“What Black History Month Means to Me”
By: Drew

Black History month is a time for reflection
No equality deserves an objection
Being treated unfairly makes me sad
Watching my friends be wronged makes me mad
Black History month we should all be proud
Of those who didn’t follow the crowd
Today we can all have fun
At Strasburg, together as one

“What Black History Month Means to Me”
By: Chris

Back then we stole their culture and their lives.
A twisted thing we did then, a twisted thing we still still do now.
Here and now despite the push of these still outdated lies
what still and will always matter are black lives.
Black History Month is a very very sacred time
We accused, lynched and executed them without batting an eye
why can nobody see the injustice that’s been done to black lives.
Black History month is their time to step into the spotlight
so listen up and learn a lot
because this is their one and only shot.
To show that glow within their soul they got,
after all we stole and silenced their history for 300 years or more
the least we could do is give it back.
That’s why we have an entire month of everything done by the black.

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