October Student of the Month

Jacob recently began at High Road School of Windham County, transferring from our New London school. His transition to his new school has been flawless. His teacher Ms. Marcille states “Jacob loves his teacher Ms. B and his TAs, as well as Ms. Ulrich.” Jacob thinks his teacher is the funniest person he knows and she feels the same about him!  HIs teacher added, “He adds so much joy to the class every day!  He has come a long way and I couldn’t be happier for him.”

Jacob has made new friends and has adjusted to his new environment.  He has worked hard to move up the level system and has recently earned Gold status without a single set-back, a great accomplishment for him. He continues to utilize appropriate supports and comes to school eager to learn each day.

Selected as student of the month for the same reasons he was able to move up to the Gold level, Jacob is a positive, happy student who tries his best each day.  His contagious laughter is a welcomed addition to our High Road School.  Jacob works hard in his rotations and will often ask questions when he needs assistance. He utilizes his coping skills and requests breaks when needed and is working hard to stay on the Gold level.  It is a pleasure to have him in class and watch as he continues to grow both socially and academically each day. Way to go Jacob, we are so proud of you!

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