Amy McDade is proof that it is never too late to follow your true passion in life. After years spent working in the food service industry, she pivoted for her second act, and today is an adored and dedicated special education teacher at the High Road School of Delaware in Wilmington. Here, she helps students with special needs from across the state.

Ms. McDade found her calling in education after more than 14 years in customer service. She knew she always wanted to work with kids and started as an assistant teacher two years ago and was later promoted to full-time teacher at the school. She is thriving with the career change.

Ms. McDade teaches students in the third to fifth grades, many of whom face severe behavioral and academic challenges including ADHD and autism. She works with her students one-on-one in a small class setting to provide individualized instruction.

“She is simply our shining star in Wilmington. Often at times, I say that teachers are born and not made. She believes in each and every student that enters her class and has made staggering behavioral and academic progress with all students throughout Delaware.” – Louis Guertin, M.Ed., director of education, High Road School of Delaware

This summer, she stepped foot in a different classroom, as she starts work towards earning her master’s degree in education at Wilmington University. We wish her much success and thank her for being such a great role model and teacher to her students.

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