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High Road School of Delaware

Since 2004, High Road School of Delaware has been serving students by providing an intensive, structured, individualized special education program aimed at strengthening each student’s academic and organizational skills, social and emotional abilities, sense of responsibility, job skills and self-esteem. Our goal is to get our students to the point where they can successfully reenter comprehensive schools and the community. We accept students from all over the greater New Castle County area.

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High Road School of Delaware has been around since 2004. We have excellent relationships with districts and a great success rate of transitioning our students back to their comprehensive setting. Our academic model and behavior/level system is grounded in current research and methodologies that take all IDEA classifications into consideration and tailors instruction / behavioral management to the individual student. Take a virtual tour of our school and learn more about our program here.

Our teaching begins by finding each students current ability / grade level, and then increasing academic rigor by challenging them on their instructional level. In doing so, our students feel confident in their abilities and motivated towards their studies. All instruction is based on Common Core Curriculum.

In addition, our school employs a full time social worker to host groups based on the “PEERS Curriculum for School-Based Professionals.” This curriculum hones in on social skills training for adolescents with any emotional exceptionalities. Along with group counseling, we offer consultative individual counseling and mentoring as needed.

The entire High Road School of Delaware staff is incredibly dedicated to ensuring continued growth in our program every school year. We aim to be as involved with our students, their families, and the community as possible for the benefit of the children and adolescents we serve. Accordingly, we’re always working to deepen and expand our commitment to our students through such means as hosting parent support groups, planning a variety of enriching extracurricular activities, and participating in community-based altruistic efforts, like charity walks and volunteer work.


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High Road School of Delaware
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High Road School of Delaware
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Our Students

Students are referred by their school district to attend High Road School and are generally in grades 3–12 (ages 7 to 21). All of our students enrolled must have an IEP with an IDEA classified disability.

Our Staff

Staff at The High Road School of Delaware believe that all students want to learn. Staff primarily focus on building students confidence so that student competence can grow. By believing in our students, and valuing their “voice”, we hope to promote future leaders and positive stewards within our community.

Our curriculums are created in conjunction with the state of Delaware’s academic standards and are based on each student’s IEP, or Individualized Education Plan. As we follow the road maps these IEPs provide, we guide and track the academic and behavioral progress of our student body, aided by such High Road program tools as hand-tailored lesson plans, small class sizes, personalized attention, and positive reinforcement. All of these program components, and more, combine to create unlimited opportunities for our students to experience success at the High Road School of Delaware.

By focusing on key areas — academics, behavior modifications, support services, and transition / life planning services — we are able to meet the individual needs of all students through these varied approaches to instruction. Through collaboration with a student’s IEP team, we are able to choose the most appropriate learning model based on a given student’s present levels of performance, social capabilities, motor coordination, and ability to learn in a group setting.

Utilizing four specific instructional rotations, students are assessed academically, gain self-regulation skills, learn with district-aligned academic curriculums, and utilize integrated technology.

High Road School of Delaware has a comprehensive Transition Program in place for all high school students. The vocational coordinators on staff address the transition goals listed in each student’s individualized educational plan, as well as coordinate vocational interest inventories, community out-placements, and on-site school jobs. We’re dedicated to empower students with the necessary social, academic, and job readiness skills that will make them suitable candidates for employment.

All of the programming that is designed to transition the student from school to work emphasizes preparation for productive employment after graduation. To make this employment as successful and fulfilling as possible, we help the student explore his or her interests and then build upon natural talents in choosing possible career paths. As students mature, we encourage them to gradually become more self-reliant. Our Transition Services staff aids in this process by giving the students just the right amount of independence and interaction with the wider community, while still providing the supports necessary for the students to feel secure and confident.
School-to-Work Program

Our School-to-Work Program offers students the opportunity to participate in true-to-life jobs within the school setting. The end goal of the program is to develop the students’ employment skills and social skills in order to maximize their potential for success in the real world. As such, students seek to obtain school jobs by first filling out an application and interviewing for the position they are interested in, as they would in real life. Once the student obtains a suitable position at school, they are held accountable for their attendance and performance, so we work with them on such aspects of employment as punctuality, responsibility, following multi step instructions, and working independently.

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