Jenny is Flexible and Motivating

Jenny has stepped up during a time of transitioning to online learning. She was always open to be flexible and run groups alongside her classroom teacher, on zoom. She was consistent with her meetings and always motivated the students to engage and participate. Jenny took on the task of creating art kits for her class to be able to do hands on art activities, while doing distance learning. She was creative and took initiative to think outside the box. During the 4th quarter, she was able to provide consistency, routine and structure, even while everyone was trying to navigate [...]

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Virtual College Tours

As part of the transition program, students enrolled at Windham County in the 11th grade had informational student-guided tours at nearby colleges scheduled for this spring.  Due to closures because of COVID-19, all in-person college tours have been canceled.  Fortunately, many colleges have provided prospective students with virtual college tours which our school took advantage of.  Technology has proven that opportunities are truly endless online. This past month visits were made to Eastern Connecticut State University and QVCC, Southern Connecticut State University and University of Hartford via ZOOM, an online video conferencing service.  An advantage to these tours is that [...]

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Safe Distance Visits to Our Students

Since starting our continuity of learning plan our team has gone above and beyond to both support an engage their students. These incredible staff members put together gift bags and traveled to visit each of their students. Our students and families were extremely appreciative of these thoughtful actions. During these challenging times it has been amazing to see this level of dedication from our staff. Thank you to Chelsea and Devin for inspiring your students, and fellow staff members! Learn more about our school today.

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End of School Year Celebration!

A great time was had by all as we wrapped up the end of the school year with a drive-through style celebration! Despite the unexpected disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent transition to virtual learning, our students demonstrated commendable perseverance to continue their learning opportunities. We are so proud of them all. Check out this video for a behind the scenes look at the care packages put together for each student, staff warming up for the celebration with some dance cardio, and students going the extra mile to "shower" staff with appreciation /water balloons. We can't wait to [...]

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Virtual Fun Friday

Our First Fun Friday!! Craft Time! Our students have been working so hard these past two weeks getting iReady math and reading activities completed as well as checking in with their gen. ed. teachers. So, what a great way to unwind and spend some time on Friday to create a fun project with Ms. Mandy. We had two students available at our first afternoon craft time and we hope more are able to join us at 4pm. We brought the rain indoors through making rain sticks which the students decorated and used household items to fill it with. Ms. Mandy [...]

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Shout out to Our Entire Staff!

As we moved our focus to distance learning, certain staff really stood out this month. Slowly but surely, other staff started to standout too. By the end of the month, it was clear that ALL staff were standing out and providing an extremely high quality service to all of our students and their families. Therefore, the entire staff at High Road School of Harford County is being recognized as The Staff of the Month for April! We have been so impressed with everyone's efforts during these difficult times, especially the attitude of doing what's right for the students day [...]

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Checking in with Loce Hill – Teacher, IAeC

Q1:  How are you doing during this time? A1:   I’m doing great, it does get a little boring sometimes, but I have been trying to stay productive as much as possible. Q2:  Would you rather work from home or be at school? Why? A2: I would rather be at school. I enjoy interacting with the students, I feel our students concentrate and learn better being that we are physically there, also I love my staff members as well. Q3:  What’s most rewarding about this job? A3:  The most rewarding part about this job is seeing the growth in our [...]

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Student Efforts are Admirable

The student efforts have been admirable to say the least. Several students are deserving of the title of student of the month, so we chose one from each class in April 2021. Ms. Brooke's Class: Myles Bycoffe had perfect virtual attendance all month and was a pleasure in classes. He shared his thoughts and feelings in class and group discussion and even showed us his hidden talent as a puppeteer and story writer in the recent school wide talent show. Myles's smile lights up the Zoom room every day! Ms. Tori's Class: Kazia Evans [...]

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Motivating Students Through Choice: Breaking Up the Day (Video)

The fourth video in our Motivating Students Through Choice series discusses three strategies to break up the day to increase motivation. Learn why it's important to provide breaks from task demands within your child's daily schedule. Visit our Family Recommendations & Resources page for additional resources. MOTIVATING STUDENTS THROUGH CHOICE PDF

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