Charlotte’s Web Reading

Our Special Education Teacher Ms. Serra has been reading aloud Charlotte's Web to students through pre-recorded videos. Students have been listening and completing excellent work each week about the characters and other topics both with paper and pencil at home and on Google Classroom and Seesaw! Learn more about our school today.

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Jalen’s Engaging and Excelling

Jalen has done a fantastic job transitioning to online learning. He logs in for every Zoom class and completes all of his assigned work on time. He is doing very well in engaging and actively participating in the enrichment. Jalen has worked very hard to meet all of his goals. While in the building, Jalen was an active member of group discussions and often helped out his peers. Now that we're learning online, he does a great job of participating during zoom sessions, he has very high grades and is doing great! "Jalen is an enthusiastic learning and positive [...]

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Ms. E Keeps Students Engaged

Ms. E has put much effort into ensuring that student's are staying actively engaged in school. Just recently, Ms. E organized and delivered an embryology unit for students in which she set up cameras and allowed students to witness the hatching of baby chicks. The student's loved it. Ms. E has gone above and beyond the duties of a Team Leader during the mandated school closures. She has willingly dropped off work to student's homes, set up pick-ups and drop-offs for packet work, and helped t0 organize distribution of student laptops. Ms. E truly has the student's [...]

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Timmy K Earns Student of the Month

During the current school closures, we have missed our students so much. We wanted to hear how some of our students are spending their time. One such student, Timmy K. completed his assignments accurately and timely and as a result earned Student of the Month. Timmy K is a dedicated, hard worker and enjoys helping others. He reassures us that he thoroughly enjoys learning in and out of the classroom. WWE wrestling and Teen Titans Go are some of the TV shows he has been watching since school has closed. He hasn't found any new hobbies to [...]

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March Student of the Month – Issac

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Issac has grown both academically and socially. He has put in great effort to actively participate in distance learning. He has learned how to independently join his scheduled online direct instruction and helps his younger brother to connect to his. Provide feedback from a teacher or staff member on why this student is Student of the Month Issac is student of the month because he is working extremely hard, even when he had to switch to virtual learning. He completes his work, participates in [...]

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Student of the Month – Matthew

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Matthew was selected for student of the month for the month of February. He worked incredibly hard to reach Blue level this month, finally making it to Blue at the end of the month! He attained Blue level by staying focused on himself and never giving up. He has motivated peers to do the same, always giving out high fives and fist bumps. Provide feedback from a teacher or staff member on why this student is Student of the Month This past month Matthew [...]

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Staff of the Month – April

Mr. Kim began as a teaching assistant in the Warriors classroom this year. His mild, yet confident manner immediately earned the students’ trust and admiration. He quickly became instrumental in using the SESI language and level system to provide our students consistency during the day. One of his teaching strengths is in science and more specifically his STEM lessons. His students love and thrive with the hands-on experience and Mr. Kim challenges them with new projects all the time. Mr. Kim was able to quickly switch directions to distance learning when it became necessary. For those of us who run [...]

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Ms. Dirzius’s Support During This Unsteady Time

Ms. Dirzius has been a constant emotional and educational support over the past month to both staff and students. She entered the remote learning environment with energy, enthusiasm and an immediate focus on problem solving. She has actively been involved in all levels of this new educational process: gathering materials, participating in synchronous learning events, assisting with technology issues, creating new documentation systems and mailing asynchronous packets. Our whole team has benefited from her expertise and support. She responds to their needs and questions without hesitation and never has a limit on her ideas and solutions. She tackles any [...]

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