Ms. Dirzius has been a constant emotional and educational support over the past month to both staff and students. She entered the remote learning environment with energy, enthusiasm and an immediate focus on problem solving. She has actively been involved in all levels of this new educational process: gathering materials, participating in synchronous learning events, assisting with technology issues, creating new documentation systems and mailing asynchronous packets.

Our whole team has benefited from her expertise and support. She responds to their needs and questions without hesitation and never has a limit on her ideas and solutions. She tackles any task asked of her with constant humor and calm. If she doesn’t initially have an answer, she will research the topic and create one. Her priority is to always let the staff know they are appreciated, and their efforts truly make a difference in our students’ lives.

“Ms. Dirzius has been my rock during this complicated time. Being able to work so closely with such a talented professional and unique human being during this new educational venture has been an amazing and humbling experience. Our continuity of learning plan has definitely been more successful and dynamic because of her.” – Amy Farmer, Education Director

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