September Student of the Month – Jacob

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Jacob has demonstrated an increase in self control, and is able to to accept redirection and feedback without demonstrating a negative behavior. He has also made great strides in displaying socially appropriate behaviors with both peer and staff relationships. Provide feedback from a teacher or staff member on why this student is Student of the Month Jacob is taking responsibility for his actions, and has held himself accountable especially with choosing socially appropriate behaviors. - Mr. Robinson What is something this student has accomplished so [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Taylor

Taylor has shown leadership skills among staff, and has proven to be an effective team member by taking initiative and helping out wherever he is needed. His classroom is pretty on point, too. He's got great command over and facilitation of the rotations and level systems. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Student of the Month: Chayton

Chayton has displayed excellent academic performance and behavioral management in the classroom for the first month of school. He always participates during instruction and consistently raises his hand when wanting to comment. He also is a motivator for his classmates​ and leads by example by making positive choices even in difficult situations. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Focusing on Responsibility

Our character trait for August and September was RESPONSIBILITY. We have two students who were chose as student of the month, who represent this character trait. Noah W. and Jazzmine C. are both students who have shown great responsibility. Noah, a seventh grade student, has shown so much progress in just the first quarter of school. Noah has been responsible for his actions, his work, and his attitude. In fact, he is the first, and so far only student, to have earned GOLD LEVEL. Jazzmine, a twelfth grade student, has shown great maturity in her responsibility this [...]

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Student Success: Vashann

Vashann R. has been one of many students to standout at the High Road Upper School. Vashann has had numerous successes including achieving blue level. One of his biggest accomplishments occurred this spring when Vashan represented his school at the Jalen White Regional Spelling Bee held at Prince George’s Community College. Students from across the region participated with high energy and enthusiasm with attempts at earning the coveted first place trophy. In the end, Vashann R. from High Road Upper School was the last student standing and declared the winner! We are so proud of all of [...]

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Staff of the Month: Devin

Devin Jones is joining us for his second year here at High Road Lower School as an Assistant Teacher in one of our Middle School classrooms. There are countless reasons why Devin has been voted Staff of the Month. These reasons include his willingness to help whenever necessary, his dedication to the team and his diligence in using the High Road Model on a daily basis. Devin has created a great rapport with our students and is known to support any staff that is in need. After seeing Devin’s hard work every day, it’s not surprising that [...]

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Parent Day

On September 27, 2019, students' families were invited to the school to meet faculty and visit the building. They were able to engage in activities held in the classrooms, such as; rock painting, non-Newtonian fluid (oobleck), legos, and quilt squares.

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Staff of the Month: Ms. J (Malry)

Ms. J (Malry) began her career here in the Spring of 2019 as an Assistant Teacher. She learned the High Road Model very quickly. Her vast knowledge of special education and ability to learn made her the ideal staff. She has dedicated her time to working with students and building their confidence towards learning. She has supported the program by developing 4 Step plans, Lesson Planning, and monitoring students daily progress. She continues to better herself by obtaining a degree in Education. She hopes to become a teacher and help children of all ages. Today, we celebrate [...]

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Student of the Month: Albert

The September student of the month is Albert R, he was selected because he exemplifies the chosen mindfulness trait of the month every day that he enters the building. Kindness means to be friendly, generous, and considerate. These are traits that describe Albert perfectly. He is always willing to help his peers and staff and never complain. He is known for always being pleasant, polite, and a joy to be around. Visit our website to learn more about High Road Academy

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Visiting Anne Arundel Community College

The graduating class of 2019-2020 attended a campus tour of Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) in Arnold, MD on September 25, 2019. Our school serves a number of Anne Arundel County students and this was a great opportunity to know what is available to them. The Disability Support Services (DSS) gave the group a presentation of the academic accommodations they provide to qualified students with disabilities. They have about 800 students in the campus that uses their services with strict confidentiality. After the presentation, AACC ambassadors gave a guided walking tour of their main campus. They showed the different [...]

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