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High-Touch Support from a Distance

SESI is a national provider of special and alternative education programs that support the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs of our students. While the method of instruction has changed, our commitment to supporting the unique needs of our students and families has not. Our staff –teachers, social workers, therapists, and counselors– continues to provide daily instruction and support to our students and families specific to their individualized educational plan (IEP), regardless of the technology available to each student. Our best-in-class programming has adapted to ensure we can seamlessly switch between in-person classroom and remote, home-based learning now and moving forward.

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Upcoming Webinar Series:
Behavior Support to Engage All Learners: Defining and Reinforcing Expectations

June 11, 2020 — 3:00pm EST

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With most students learning from home, engagement becomes more important than ever. This session will focus on foundational behavior mechanisms and how they apply to student learning. We’ll cover arranging the environment for success, reinforcing desired behaviors, and actively engaging learners during various types of academic and social instruction. We’ll also share some tools and strategies for maximizing engagement and improving social behavior. In addition, this session will teach the foundations of behavior support and how to apply those to a virtual environment.


In this virtual session, participants will:

  • Learn the foundations of behavior support and what they look like in a classroom setting
  • Determine how to re-envision these foundations for a virtual setting
  • Be able to define their behavioral expectations in the context of any routine where learning takes place

A Focus on Students and Families

We are dedicated to our families and students. Our staff has thoughtfully developed robust plans that allow students to continue their academics at home and stay on schedule while accommodating each student’s individual situation.

Continued Dedication to Each Student’s Success

Success means something different for every one of our students. During these unprecedented times, we remain focused on student growth through the delivery of virtual services that fit each student’s unique needs and situation.

A Variety of Technological Solutions

Developed with flexibility in mind, our program can accommodate any level of technology access. Technology solutions are available for both those students with access to high-speed internet and those students with limited access to technology.

Parent and Family Resources

Resources for families include tips for setting up a learning environment, maintaining structure in the home, and a listing of free meal locations during school closures. Click on posts below for more information.