Cecil Alternative Program

The Cecil Alternative Program (CAP) is a 45-day IAEP—Interim Alternative Education Program—for students in Cecil County with behavioral issues who require additional supports in order to be successful. Teachers and related service providers in this program mirror a student’s home school by administering the same educational and social-emotional interventions, but they do so in a more therapeutic and highly structured environment.

At CAP, the behavioral/counseling component is the primary focus and is based on an individual and school-wide behavior management system with built-in incentives and rewards for positive behavior. In accordance with this, students have access to individual counseling outside of their regularly scheduled services when needed. By offering a small classroom environment, with a high teacher-to-student ratio and one-to-one counseling services, this program allows students the ability to quickly transition back to their home school. Future progress and success are ensured through a transitional track once the students return to the public school.