Natural History Museum at Balboa Park

Springall’s high school classes took a field trip to the Natural History Museum at Balboa Park and learned about the different ecosystems in San Diego. Students were able to study the various animal life cycles from a small bug all the way up to a mountain lion. They also studied fossils and participated in hand on experiments at the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center such as test out electrical currents. Students and staff ended the day shopping around the gift stores. Visit our website to learn more about Springall Academy

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Staff Spotlight: Ms. Barbara

This month’s staff spotlight is highly appreciated by all! Ms. Barbara started in January of 2013 as our Administrative Assistant. She undoubtedly goes above and beyond every day. Her daily job duties are done with efficiency and efficacy. She keeps our school organized and on point. She is always willing to help out staff and students at the drop of a hat. Ms. Barbara is the friendly face of our school. She is the first person our families, districts, and guests see and talk to. All the staff collectively appreciate her daily and know that she is always [...]

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Staff Spotlight – Lucy Maloney

Ms. Lucy Maloney started at Springall in Spring of 2018 as a San Diego State Volunteer (SDSU). She worked in our middle school classroom volunteering for a class she was taking at SDSU to complete her undergraduate degree. She was then hired on as a full-time employee in Fall of 2018 to work in our Junior High classroom. This year she is working in one of our high school classrooms. Ms. Maloney has a calm, gentle demeanor and works well with our student population. She is always willing to lend a hand and is a great example of a [...]

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