Counting on Ms. Couch

Over the past month, Ms. Couch has shown to be a positive, hardworking, role model to both students and staff. Ms. Couch has taken initiative in the classroom, has been willing to provide support to classrooms other than her own and does so with a smile on her face. Ms. Couch is adored by her students for a cheerful personality and always finds a way to make lessons fun. Ms. Couch has also been preparing a “sensory day” for all the classrooms on campus that will occur sometime next semester. We are very thankful to have a staff [...]

Counting on Ms. Couch2022-01-18T00:28:49-05:00

Student of the Month: Aaron

Aaron has been making huge strides both academically and socially. Aaron used to wear his hoodie every day and struggled with social interactions and participating in the classroom. Now Aaron almost never wears his hoodie in the classroom, participates in group classroom activities and readily greets everyone he meets on campus.Aaron is a great role model to other students, he is kind and helpful in the classroom. Aaron has done so well that he is actually transitioning back to a comprehensive campus at the end of the semester.Aaron is most proud this month of being able to transition [...]

Student of the Month: Aaron2022-01-18T00:32:12-05:00