Ms. Rees Impact on Students

Ms. Rees has had a significant impact on students over the past month by being a consistent source of accountability and respect. Students have lauded Ms. Rees for her kindness and willingness to help out in any and all situations. Staff members selected Ms. Rees for her positive attitude and being willing to take on multiple roles throughout the school. She has added a special flair to the school with her positive attitude and by adding color and decorations to our hallways. "Be good to people; you will be remembered more for your kindness." - Mandy Hale Ms. [...]

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Sable Turns Our Day Around

Sable has improved her communication skills incredibly. She now communicates with staff and other students willingly, and passionately. Sable has gone from ignoring and avoiding conversation with staff, to being beyond willing to enjoy a conversation with everyone. Not only do you get to enjoy a conversation with Sable, but you also get to walk away from the conversation with a good laugh. Sable can turn anyones whole day around, she walks into every room with a smile on her face. Every chance you get to hangout with Sable is chance well taken. Sable is very humorous, and [...]

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Student of the Month: Spencer

What has Spencer done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Spencer B. has been at Sierra School of Weld County for nearly three years and is only 2 months away from graduating. Spencer shows up everyday with a positive yet humorous attitude and is always ready to take on the day. Spencer is a leader and a role model student, and more than willing to help out whether it be student or staff in need of help. What is something Spencer has accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of? Spencer [...]

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