Temperament Transformation: Darvon’s Story

Darvon’s grandmother, Diane, was concerned. Not just for Darvon’s well-being, but for the safety of those around him. Darvon showed very little motivation to achieve academic success—and his temper caused major problems. His severe lack of self-esteem also had Diane worried. Diane would try to work with Darvon at home, and there were times that it seemed he might be making some progress. But as soon as he would get back to school, the same problems would arise. The hair-trigger temper and the urge to fight others made Diane realize that something had to change. The change happened with Darvon’s [...]

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We Are Proud of Francisco

Francisco works hard in every academic rotation. He is consistently asking questions to get clarification and always fully participates in classroom discussions. He also follows all staff directions and is consistently meeting his behavior goals. Francisco is currently on Gold Level Day 21! He shows that not only can he meet his behavior goals, but that he can consistently demonstrate positive behavior. He is always ready and willing to help staff and students with whatever they may need in the classroom and always has a smile on his face! Francisco is not only on Gold Day 21, but he has [...]

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Kemoni Is Working Hard

Kemoni has been working hard this past month both academically and behaviorally. He states that he has a goal to be on Blue day 45. We believe Kemoni is more than capable of meeting this goal. Kemoni has also been helpful around the classroom supporting students in need and asking staff for extra classroom jobs. Kemoni has shown tremendous progress both with his academic and behavior goals. He is always wanting to work and improve his academic skills. He specifically has been working hard on increasing his reading fluency and has made such great progress! We are extremely [...]

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Awesome Job Fernando

Fernando has made it to Gold level this past month and we are extremely proud of all the progress he has made. He works hard in both academics and behaviors. When asked what his favorite subject is, he will definitely tell you P.E., but Fernando is also FANTASTIC at English Language Arts and Science! His reading and comprehension skills are something he has worked hard at and it shows. He is also such a friendly and caring student that is always willing to help a classmate or staff member. Fernando’s goal this year was to make it to [...]

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Gold Level for Dapri

What has Dapri done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Dapri is shining star! Not only has he reached our Gold level, but he has also an aspiring actor with loads of potential and constantly honing his skills to be the next big star. Dapri is starting the process of transitioning to hybrid courses on the mainstream site. We are extremely proud of Dapri and are excited for the bright future he has ahead of him. Congrats on being Student of the Month! What is something Dapri has accomplished so far this school [...]

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Student of the Month: Michael

Michael is a middle school student on our Sierra – Fremont campus. Not only does he excel on our Sierra Fremont campus, but he does exceptional with transitioning to the mainstream middle school campus. He is a huge help around the campus and is always willing to do classroom jobs, campus clean-ups​, and help out his fellow classmates. He brings such a positive attitude that brings so much joy to all the staff and students here at Sierra. Michael is also definitely the most spirited and has shown Sierra Bulldog pride by wiping out the competition for [...]

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