Helping Josiah Access His Academics

Josiah has only been with us for a month and has already had so much growth and improvement! When he first came safety and schoolwork were the two biggest concerns. His elopement behavior has drastically decreased in comparison to the last school and the beginning of the month. This has allowed him to access his academics and he is working hard to meet his current goals and exceed our expectations. Josiah is a quick learner and is always so helpful and willing to share with his new friends. He has had the opportunity to reflect on his behaviors in our [...]

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Staff & Student of the Month

Staff of the Month: Jacob Kinney It would not be a school year at Sierra without a few bumps and hiccups. I always tell my staff it is not about what we encounter but how we recover. That being said I am so incredibly thankful for Jacob! He has adapted so well and made such an effort to help our students. Not only has he earned their respect but he has become a friend and mentor. Jacob has stepped up in countless ways for our classroom and our students success would not have been accomplished without [...]

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Meet Our Team

Simran Bhangu "Sierra School reminds me everyday why I love working with children. Even within a stressful environment I have a team who motivated me and is always there to help! I am able to go to anyone and receive help without hesitation. I love making a difference in our students lives, as well as their families lives. Hearing the kind words and reinforcements from parents about their progress reminds me why I took this job in the first place. I can’t wait to see the success we have this year!" Rosy Prasad "It is with excitement and great [...]

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