Teagan’s Extra Effort

Teagan has put in the extra effort working up to both yellow and green for the first time this year. He has made academics a priority, looking to improve his behavior and work completion. Teagan advocated for himself and made a plan to work his way up. Frequently struggling in the mornings and at the end of the day, Teagan had to space his breaks to help self-regulation. He has put in his best effort to work hard and has taken pride in his work. Teagan is halfway through geometry and earning all high school credits! We [...]

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Joden Always Has A Smile On His Face

If you think of a student who puts forth his best effort at all times, that student would be Joden. Joden is kind, helpful to peers, and has worked hard to maintain his color levels of blue and green. Even when tired, Joden takes his time to complete his journal and his work every day. Joden always walks in with a smile on his face and cracks a joke to make us laugh. He is funny while being respectful and does so well in class. Joden is proud of his effort and his attendance. Self admittedly he likes [...]

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Student of the Month: Logan

What has Logan accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Logan has exemplified a Nova Student for his kindness, dedication to academics, and ability to regulate and stay focused in class. October 26th marked one official year on Gold Level for Logan. He is an incredible member of our classroom and a model student for others. Logan always gives his best effort in class. Over the past year and a half he has made incredible academic growth and is never afraid to try something new. We are proud of everything Logan does! [...]

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Nova Center Fall Corn Maze

"Students, parents, and staff were able to take an afternoon to enjoy the Chatfield Farms Corn Maze. Food, fun and a chilly evening greeted all participants who came out on Friday night. Luckily, everyone made it out and no one is still caught in the maze. We believe strongly that learning and growth do not stop at our last bell. Please join us in the future for more community and family events!" Visit our website to learn more about the Nova Center Program

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Nova Teamwork Initiative

"At the Nova Center, we truly believe the kindness and teamwork will lead to better outcomes for students and staff all around. “What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau Please join us in working towards teamwork, compassion, kindness throughout the school year!" Visit our website to learn more about the Nova Center Program

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Nova High School Takes on Chemisty

Guided by the expertise of Ms. Whitaker and Ms. Wimpee, the Nova High School students dove head first into Chemisty. Not only did they begin working through equations, but set the groundwork to begin a hands on lab science session looking at the properties of water! Visit our website to learn more about the Nova Center Program

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