Kedrick’s Determination

The staff voted overwhelmingly for Kedrick as student of the month. We as staff have seen a maturity start to evolve. Kedrick has been determined recently to move up his color level and has been more attentive to his rotations. “Kedrick is always willing to help staff with extra projects around the building. His winning smile makes the work look effortless and it is enjoyable to do tasks with him.” — Ms. Vose-Watson, Transition Classroom Teaching Assistant “Nice job getting on level and trying your best to remain focused and ignoring distractions. I know it’s hard but you’re trying! [...]

Kedrick’s Determination2022-01-18T00:28:55-05:00

Student of the Month: Mariana

What has Mariana accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? The student of the month for October was none other than Mariana! Mariana recently achieved Gold level status and was our Spotlight Student last month. Staff boast that Mariana, “has been outstanding on Gold”, is “always respectful”, is a “hard worker”. In addition, Mariana has been doing a “great job helping other students and staff”. What is something Mariana has accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of? She recently used her organizational skills to assist Mrs. Carrillo in restocking [...]

Student of the Month: Mariana2022-01-18T00:35:29-05:00