Sabrina Rises To The Challenge

Sabrina seamlessly took on the lead role at Snow Hill High School in the teacher's absence during November and December. She did so with incredible organization, confidence, patience and skill. Sabrina is always professional, caring, and honest. She treats her coworkers and students with patience and respect. Sabrina rose to the challenge of leading the SHHS classroom while the teacher was out and showed her responsibility, willingness to be a team player, and amazing organizational skills while working remotely. Thank you, Sabrina, for rising to the occasion. Learn more about our school today.

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Kennard’s Positive Impact

Kennard has had such a positive impact on the staff and students here on the Eastern Shore. From working with Directors, Teachers, Social Workers, students and even parents – Kennard has helped us all with his insight and training. Kennard has also been jumping in with student zooms and being a supportive ear to parents. Kennard’s presence in the classroom to help problem solve and his energy on the field for the TACT2 training - it has been amazing working alongside Kennard. Kennard immediately felt like part of the team and shares the same passion that the other Eastern Shore [...]

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Distance Learning

This month is our first month distance learning! Students as well as teachers are learning a brand new way of life for school! Times are hard and uncertain but one thing is certain—we miss our amazing students who are continuing to work hard despite the challenges we are all facing. This makes us that much more proud of them! Learn more about our school today.

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Dustin’s Contributions

December’s Student of the Month is Dustin. Here in the High Road program at Snow Hill High School, Dustin has become a very big contributor in the overall success of both the program and peers themselves. Because of his success last school year, Dustin spends over 80% of his day in the general education. When he is in the High Road classroom, he helps his peers when needed and helps improve the overall environment of the classroom. Dustin has proven to be a very hard-working student athlete and a helpful student both in the classroom and outside. He [...]

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Holiday Spirit

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in our High Road classroom! This would not be possible without teamwork and teamwork makes the Christmas lights work! Our students worked together and shared the tasks of setting up and decorating our classroom Christmas tree. They did an activity writing detailed steps of how they do it at home and then did an excellent job decorating this one! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Families and School Together

Here at SHHS, we have an event called a FAST Event (Families and Teachers Together). Instead of the normal and monotonous parent/teacher conferences, we have 4 events a year where parents and students can come and have a good time. Early this year we had a fAST event at a nearby park where students played basketball and other activities and parents talked to teachers in a social setting to ease the tensions of 1 on 1 meetings. This second event of the year is being held in the SHHS cafeteria with the fall sports award ceremony to follow it. [...]

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Kinetic and Potential Energy Rollercoasters

What goes up, must come down! How much energy does a roller coaster car need to make it through a loop? In this science lesson, High Road students learned about kinetic and potential energy as they built their own roller coasters from simple classroom materials. Each student had piece of cardboard to use as a base, pieces of card stock for the "tracks," scissors and tape for assembly, and a marble to act as the "car." Upon final completion of their roller coasters, each student completed a self assessment where they identified what they excelled at and what they [...]

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Creative Writing Essay Winner

Students across the Eastern Shore were given the opportunity to partake in Essay writing contest. The rules were to use the title “ The Little Apple Who Wouldn’t Fall…” The essay could be in the format of a Readers Theater, play, story or letter. And the winner for the Essay Contest is….. Ethan J. Ethan is an avid fantasy novel reader and enjoys learning about different worlds. Ethan used his knowledge of fantasy words and love of computer games to create an imaginative story about different worlds and forces coming together. “Eden and a beam of light shined from the [...]

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Partnering with the National Aquarium’s Conservation Team

This year Snow Hill Middle School's 7th grade team has a service learning project with the National Aquarium's Conservation team, which is in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Chesapeake Bay Trust. High Road student, Thomas, was able to join his peers to plant Atlantic white cedar trees, which is a vulnerable species in Maryland. This planting is part of an ongoing restoration effort through the Aquarium's Atlantic white cedar program, which encourages students in Worcester and Somerset counties to become environmental stewards through hands-on opportunities to care for trees on their school grounds. Later this [...]

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