Annalise Is A Superstar!

Annalise is our second student of the month for the 2020-2021 school year! She is one of our second-grade superstars. Staff who voted for Annalise say she is kind and demonstrates positive behaviors. She is on one of the highest-level colors, Blue. Annalise has done a wonderful job adjusting back to school in our unique school year. “Annalise works hard, and her personality brightens up the room.” - Ms. Hartwich, Education Director. Learn more about our school today.

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Marilyn Is A Role Model

Marilyn was selected for student of the month for her role model behavior, efforts towards her academics, and overall growth since beginning at High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle. “Marylin has been a pleasure to work with. She tries extremely hard in everything she does. We are lucky to have her role modeling as a Gold student in the classroom for her fellow students. She utilizes her breaks appropriately, helps with classroom errands when need be, and has made a smooth transition to High Road overall." - Alyssa Kochiss, Operations Manager" Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Jayde’s Accomplishments

Jayden was selected for student of the month due to a complete turnaround in his behavior for the month of November. Jayden is currently Blue day 14 and is very motivated to apply for Gold level. He has done an awesome job helping his peers and increasing his time spent within the classroom setting to reach his goals. Jayden has typically remained on Red and Yellow within the school-wide model this year. However, he has adjusted nicely after the first couples of months of school and has remained on Blue level for quite some time. He enjoys all [...]

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Student of the Month: Jacob

What has Jacob accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Jacob was selected for student of the month for September. Jacob is currently on Gold Day 92, which was a huge accomplishment for him. He began at High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle and did not always feel success. He worked extremely hard, utilizes appropriate supports, and came to school with a positive mindset each day. Jacob is extremely helpful throughout the school day. Being on Gold level provides more opportunities for independence, maturity and skill building. He has surpassed his social, emotional, [...]

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