Timmy K Earns Student of the Month

During the current school closures, we have missed our students so much. We wanted to hear how some of our students are spending their time. One such student, Timmy K. completed his assignments accurately and timely and as a result earned Student of the Month. Timmy K is a dedicated, hard worker and enjoys helping others. He reassures us that he thoroughly enjoys learning in and out of the classroom. WWE wrestling and Teen Titans Go are some of the TV shows he has been watching since school has closed. He hasn't found any new hobbies to [...]

Timmy K Earns Student of the Month2022-01-18T00:27:43-05:00

Hard Work is Paying Off

Amir is a sixth grader at Margaret Brent Middle School. Over the course of a few weeks he has made some big changes. Amir has has improved in multiple ways such as his work ethic, his hand writing, his behavior and staying on task. As staff we all encourage him to keep growing and giving him constant reminders of the growth that he has already presented to us. He went from completing 1-2 pages out of his reading work book to now completing 4-6 pages. He is definitely trying hard to do his best and it shows! [...]

Hard Work is Paying Off2019-11-16T03:08:30-05:00

A Math Escape Room

Recently the High Road School at Margaret Brent Middle School had a fun filled Thursday. The students were looking forward to participating in the activities. For the morning Math rotation, the students completed a Math escape room. The students were divided into two teams for the activity. Olivia, Cody and John were on one team while Taylor and Timmy were on another team. For the activity they broke into groups and both groups started with the first riddle and then moved on at different paces. They had to solve the riddle with their teammates and if they needed a hint [...]

A Math Escape Room2022-01-18T00:31:42-05:00