Author and Adversity Speaker Michael Panus Zooms With Students

On Wednesday, June 3 professional adversity speaker and published author of Live with Honor, Turning Tragedy into Triumph, Michael Panus joined students from High Road Schools of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island via Zoom. The retired marine inspired High Road students by speaking about the tragedies in his life most notably, spending nearly four years in jail for causing the death of a good friend while drinking and driving as senior at Eastern Connecticut State University, and the power of positive thinking. Offering motivation, he encouraged students to be accountable for their actions, and to do the right thing. Panus [...]

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Ms. Cordova Steps Up

Ms. Cordova is such a helpful staff member, she is always willing to lend a hand and take lead without hesitation. The students are receptive to her instruction and she builds a good rapport with each of them even those not in her classroom. Ms. Cordova was selected because she was able to take lead when the classroom teacher took a short leave of absence. She facilitated and executed the learning material, she showed up early to prepare for the students; she gave her all. When she wasn't directly working with her classroom students' she was supporting other classrooms and [...]

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Ms. Mejia Is A Team Player

Ms. Mejia over the past month and in general is the definition of consistency. Ms. Mejia can be counted on for constructive feedback and consistency not only in the classroom with students but with the staff as well. She is always willing to help and teach as well as correct as needed. Staff chose Ms. Mejia because she is a team-player. She is willing to help wherever she is needed. She is consistent with the behavior program and language. She also serves as such a good example of what it means to be an assistant teacher. Ms. Mejia is an [...]

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Jesus Is A True Star

Jesus has worked hard to achieve student of the month. He has remained on blue level consistently. He has also worked hard in learning the English language and building relationships with his peers. He takes redirection well and is able to positively reflect and respond to various situations within the classroom. Jesus has really shown a lot of growth in our program and is such a pleasure to have in class. He is very willing to learn, has a high attendance rate and is supportive to his peers in the classroom. He has created positive relationships with peers and staff [...]

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I-Ron’s Positivity

I-Ron is a positive student, who helps those in the class, especially in academics when a subject is not understood. He has achieved his personal goal of using time for academics as opposed to sleeping and really there has been a great change in I-Ron. We are proud to see him succeed daily, but really this month he put forth his best efforts. I-Ron over the past month has been successful at maintaining a blue level. Aside from this success, I-Ron is very respectful and helpful. He is always willing to persevere through his academics seeking every solution prior to [...]

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Attendance Breakfast with the Director

High Road School of Providence held its first attendance breakfast for 2020. Eight students presented with a 90% or greater attendance rate. Attendance is a huge factor in our program and in order for our program to have an impact, students need to come to school everyday. We also are improving time management within the students and creating a responsibility. As the years have passed we have noticed students are not only students anymore, but have various outside factors that may present as a barrier to school attendance. As students navigate through our program we need to be mindful [...]

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Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies has been in place since the beginning of the school year where middle school and high school students partner up with the elementary students to read. The purpose of Reading Buddies is to encourage the elementary students to read and get into the habit of reading. It takes place three times a week as long as the students participating have been working up until the designated time. So far, there have been successes where students vocabulary have increased as well as their interest in reading due to the selection of books. Some of the students even expressed an [...]

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The Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is very well known as the Spring Festival in China. It starts the beginning of Spring and marks the end of Winter. The Spring Festival marks a New Year on the lunar calendar and represents the desire for a new life. We celebrated by decorating dragon masks and lanterns. We also enjoyed items that are red. The color red is a sign of good luck. Our elementary classroom really enjoyed this learning activity. Learn more about our school today.

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The New Bedford Whaling Museum

The New Bedford Whaling Museum field trip was for students on Green and Blue behavior level. About 14 students attended the field trip from grades 1-12. In going to the museum the students' got to learn about different types of whales, explore the inside of a whale, "climb" inside a whale heart and walk through a whaling ship. Many students commented on the enjoyment of going through the whaling ship and noting all the things whales were used for. One student said, "Sperm whale oil is the purest of all whales and they actually used whale feces to make perfume. It [...]

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Human Rights Month

Mrs. Osborne created the December bulletin for Human Rights highlighting youth activists hoping to inspire and educate. Mrs. Osborne included Emma Gonzalez, Bana Alabed, Mari Copeny, Greta Thunberg, Sonita Alizadeh, Jazz Jennings, Asean Johnson and Malala Yousafzai. These youth activists are known for raising awareness within their community and across the country. Some of the movements have been based on the ongoing water crisis in Flint, education rights for all, advocacy for gun control and LGBT rights. All moving towards a greater way of living with understanding and compassion. Learn more about our school today. [...]

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