Jesus Is A True Star

Jesus has worked hard to achieve student of the month. He has remained on blue level consistently. He has also worked hard in learning the English language and building relationships with his peers. He takes redirection well and is able to positively reflect and respond to various situations within the classroom. Jesus has really shown a lot of growth in our program and is such a pleasure to have in class. He is very willing to learn, has a high attendance rate and is supportive to his peers in the classroom. He has created positive relationships with peers and staff [...]

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Mrs. Caliri Puts Her Heart Into Everything

Mrs. Caliri has been with High Road for a long time and has always kept a positive and willing attitude throughout all the changes within the school. She did an awesome job executing and facilitating the Career Fair as well as decorating the school with motivational wall art. She has been a great support to staff and students and has done an exceptional job this month. Mrs. Caliri is knowledgeable and in her position and is always willing to help others. She provides the students with excellent transition support for their futures! One to TA expressed that Mrs. [...]

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Meaghan’s Perseverance

Meaghan has really shown improvement this school year and specifically this month especially in terms of social interaction. Meaghan has shown perseverance each day and continues working on communication and social interaction despite how uncomfortable she may feel. She has been positive in her work experience and puts forth her best effort in school each day. She truly is one of a kind. Meaghan is eager to help with the media portion of school and interviews staff and students as needed. She has participated actively in gym class where as before sitting out was the norm for [...]

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National Unity Day

In highlighting the bulletin board each month, School Social Worker, Mrs. Kyle Osborne promoted National Unity Day. The National Bullying Prevention Center acknowledges and encourages all to wear orange on October 23, 2019 representing Unity. Unity represents kindness, acceptance and inclusion along with the color orange that represents hope and support. Students throughout the school participated with their orange attire and supplies provided by the classroom teacher. It is a reminder for everyone to belong not just on Unity day, but everyday. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School [...]

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